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Top five tips for designing an e-commerce website

eCommerce is a trend that we have been aware of for years, but the prevalence of Covid-19 has made it an integral part of our lives. This trend does not seem to be dying anytime soon, as more and more customers run to online markets for something as simple as groceries. According to recent stats, around 64% of small businesses had a website. However, this number is increasing with great speed every passing month, and the global pandemic is only aggravating it.

With the help of an eCommerce website, businesses can target a larger audience, which could not have been possible in a retail outlet. Despite having great online advertisements, you could still lose potential customers if your eCommerce website lacks the correct optimization.

Designing an eCommerce website can be the simplest yet the hardest thing to do. The basic requirements are for your website to make the customer’s purchase experience as quick and easy as it can be. However, it is not as simple as it sounds. Here we shall enlighten and provide some of the best tips and eCommerce solutions to help you achieve a simple yet eye-catching eCommerce website.


Incorporate simple website designs


Simplicity is directly proportional to being a user-friendly approach for an eCommerce website in Pakistan. Minimalistic eCommerce websites are regarded as having a great visual appeal and being more trustworthy compared to complex websites.

The less you will add to your site, the more it will be easier for your audience to navigate through, without the distraction caused by slow pages or their product being hundreds of pages away.

When building a website, you should think of ways to make your site precise and free of unnecessary clutter and distracting material. A minimalistic website design gives a vibe of professionalism where the call to action is to the point.

Use high-quality photos and video


The decision to buy a product or not relies heavily on the images. That is why it is crucial for eCommerce websites to have photos and videos of high quality. eCommerce websites that do not have good quality images are often abandoned since the low-quality images ruin the product’s impression. Users prefer to see clear pictures that do not lose their pixels upon zooming.

No matter how fine the product is, if the image makes it appear mediocre, the consumers will take it in the same way.

Make the navigation process simple


Your website should be navigable in terms of customers being able to find the products they are looking for. There should be precise categories in which products are added accordingly. These categories should be presented on a menu bar to simplify the search process making it easy for customers to find what they are looking for. However, make sure you avoid creating clutter in the menu bar, as it will make the website appear confusing.

Another good strategy to incorporate is to make use of drop-down menus. It simplifies things and makes it a lot easier for customers to navigate. Lastly, don’t forget to add a search bar. Most customers already have a specific product in their mind when they reach your website. It will help them simply locate what they were looking for.  

Images have a direct effect on sales. On E-commerce platforms, people cannot get the touch and feel of the product. The decision of whether to buy the product or not lies solely on its images/ video.

Keep the consistency and branding intact


An eCommerce website holds a key role in creating a brand’s identity. A website design should be consistent with the brand and its products and at the same time compliment them. From the moment customers clink on your website, the website should reflect your brand’s personality. It should be emitting consistently through every page they land. Keep in mind that continually displaying a brand across all platforms can increase your revenue by up to 23%. 

Customer testimonials and reviews


Despite a brand being true to its word, customers will not believe it unless they hear it from other people. Testimonials act as social proof as is a great way to stimulate confidence in customers. Keep in mind that customers will not be able to pick your product in their hands and see it themselves. Instead, they need to know that your product is worth the purchase.

As an eCommerce website, you can add a testimonial section on your homepage that vouches for your brand’s worthiness. You can also add a review section per product to the bottom end of the page.

To sum it up, your eCommerce website exists for one main reason – to sell. Every decision you make will ultimately influence the sales, and a good eCommerce website design helps with that. By incorporating the eCommerce website solutions mentioned above, you will acquire a unique website that will help you secure the maximum possible profit.

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