5 types of interactive content and their advantages in 2021

Content Writing – an essential tool for your business to generate traffic, leads, and sales. In the day and age of digital marketing, your business needs to embrace all sorts of content writing to make your website stand out. Amidst the global pandemic, most existing companies have expanded their venture online, and it is crucial to communicate with customers through various channels and forms of content writing. With rightly curated content, businesses can attract positive leads, which will lead to an increment in sales.

As a fact, 87% of marketers guide their prospective customers through content writing alone. Different content formats can be incorporated for each respective buyer journey, starting from brand recognition to ultimately purchasing decisions. Simply put, content writing is the art of choosing words that will deliver your brand’s message. Moreover, content writing is not only focused on selling a product. It can also be about increasing brand awareness and enlightening your customers.

Within this blog, you will find beneficial factors to keep in mind for content writing. Along with that, we will mention and explain the various methods of content writing, including the importance of SEO content writing and how your business can benefit from it. Are you ready? Let’s get started!


Blog Post


Blogging is one of the most crucial forms of content writing in Pakistan, and when done correctly, it can land you a great ton of traffic on your website. Blog posts are a prime category of content writing that poses exceptional potential benefits. It can come in handy when you aim to provide a context for your target audience, helps to maximize brand awareness, build SEO presence and enable businesses to expand their leads with new and consistent content.

Blogs help viewers get a close insight into who you are and what service you are willing to provide, as well as how valuable you can be for them. If blogs are written in the right manner, it can lead to great overall success along with a duly return on your investment.

There are various types of blog styles one can integrate on their website, including topics like ‘how to’, ‘what to avoid’, ‘top 10’, and many more. With a fusion of your respective blog formats and goals, you can enlighten customers regarding your brand and reach your set goals for SEO ranking. Not to mention, the article you are going through right now is a blog post!


Web Content


The sole purpose of website content is to provide customers/clients with all information they might wish to find about the business. Web content includes a website’s landing page, the home page, the about us page, and the contact us page. It is essentially focused on the foundational content required for every business to create its presence in the digital world.

Viewers will fail to find the information they are seeking if your website lacks perfectly crafted web content along with the integration of SEO. Due to this reason, it is extremely important to create a web content page in the most skillful possible ways.


Social Media


We are all part of a world that is driven by social media. Perhaps, most of your clients found your brand through a click on their Facebook page or Twitter icon to figure out what your brand is like.

Hence, it is safe to say that companies that do not have a social media presence may not make it very far in sales.

More than 3.6 billion people from the world are at least using one sort of social media outlet. That pretty much sums up why you should take a dip into the gigantic pool of potential customers. However, social media writing is all about creativity and diversity. A dynamic approach for writing can turn hundreds of views into purchases in no time. therefore, engaging social media posts are highly sought after. Making social media a part of your business can alone bring about a lot of positive change. All you need is to find the right selling platform for your business with the correct usage of words for your target market, and you are good to go!


Advertising and Sales Copywriting


The field of copywriting is the most compelling and vast form out of all content writing categories. It demands utmost creativity and skills from the writer since the core purpose of copywriting is for viewers to develop an interest in the business’s product or service, always aiming them to drive towards a particular action such as adding a product to their cart and checking out.

Advertising and sales copywriting applies to all sorts of industries and can be carried out in many forms, including an ad promoted on Facebook, or a promotion post on Twitter. Sales copywriting can include various things like an email newsletter, landing pages, social media advertising, and a lot more.


Technical Writing


Compared to the above-mentioned types of content writing, technical content writing is less generic and more comprehensive. It is the art of integrating complicated technical concepts and catering to different levels of audiences in terms of comprehension. Such writing is more specific to subjects related to technology.

Some examples of technical content writing are hardware and software, robotics, consumer electronics, and other various technical topics. Technical writing is not only limited to the knowledge of technical aspects but writing it down. It is information that carries high-level knowledge that is required to be drafted in more consumer digestible content for the target audience.

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